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UNFPA Uganda is supporting the government of Uganda through local governments and civil society organizations to strengthen integration of sexual and reproductive health (SRH)  information and services in youth enterprises  and promotion of livelihoods for out of school young people. UNFPA’s contribution is premised on the fact that sexual and reproductive health is a major facilitator for economic empowerment. Innovation and creativity at UNFPA has been a corporate priority since 2014. For the last five years UNFPA has been implementing the “Youth Enterprise Model” (YEM)
and the “UpAccelerate” programme that focuses on young people. The “Youth Enterprise Model” is a programme by UNFPA where young people in business are targeted with health information
and services to improve their well being while “UpAccelerate” supports young entrepreneurswith mentorship, training and seed funding to establish functional enterprises addressing health related challenges.
To strengthen the model of working with young people in enterprise, UNFPA proposes a new initiative that builds on the successes of YEM and UpAccelerate by integrating the target areas,
methodologies and focus of the two models while taking advantage of other support mechanisms for young people in the country.