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The Situation: There are more young people today, and HIV/AIDS has affected more than half of the world's population that is under the age of 25 years. Uganda's young population is 52% of the population and this is the age that is most affected by HIV/AIDs. The high risk sexually active women account for 16% of the youth, while high risk sexually active men account for 36%. Related to these behavioural challenges are unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and cross-generational sex that are grossly exploitative, especially for the girl child.

What We Do: Young people require full access to Reproductive Health services and information to protect them. UNFPA works to ensure that adolescents and young people have access to adequate and accurate information and friendly health services. Youth counseling, access to family planning and HIV/AIDS services are among the packages used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

UNFPA has advanced the integration of Youth friendly services into Public Health centres in eight out of the 13 focal districts. UNFPA also supports the Ministry of Education and Sports to integrate Life Planning skills education into the primary schools curriculum.