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12 October 2019

I am determined to support children get an education

Vincent Lubega, peer educator  I have attended both the Generation for Generation dialogue and Live Your Dream moment. As a peer educator who deals with young people I’m always seeking solutions for... Read more

11 October 2019

With hard work dreams can become valid

Rowena Atuheire Student, Makerere University Business School  My first interaction with UNFPA was during the Live Your Dream Moment featuring the Beauty Queens from Miss Uganda Foundation. The event... Read more

11 October 2019

GirlForce: Unscripted and unstoppable on the road to Nairobi and beyond!

Around the world, girls are challenging gender stereotypes and breaking free from the traditional roles that society has dictated for generations. More and more are saying no to child marriage and... Read more

10 October 2019

I am inspired by the girls who are determined to live their dreams

Phiona Bizzu, Miss Uganda 2012/13 My work  empowering girls stems from my personal experiences.  I have a cousin who got pregnant when she was 13; she dropped out of school and disappeared for a... Read more

9 October 2019

I am using my position to sensitise girls about the importance of education

Brenda Abio, Miss Madi 2017/2018 In the Madi region where I come from, cultural beliefs including those that inhibit girls from going to school and force them into early marriages are prevalent.... Read more

8 October 2019

I stand in the gap for girls who are not able to speak for themselves

Leah Kagasa , Miss Uganda 2016/17 When I became Miss Uganda in 2016 and saw the work that the Miss Uganda Foundation was doing, I felt drawn to become a part of this good cause. Since then, I have... Read more

7 October 2019

I want to be remembered for championing girl’s rights

Quiin Abenakyo, Miss Uganda 2018/19 During the boot camp for the Miss Uganda pageant is when I came face to face with teenage pregnancy.  I met young pregnant girls; this opened my eyes to the... Read more

1 October 2019

I am part of a movement to empower girls

 Joan Kabarungi, student  I have attended the Learn from UNFPA session on marketing and the Generation for Generation dialogue. I was motivated to attend UNFPA events because I like the fact that the... Read more

30 September 2019

I am determined to keep on championing women’s rights

Pius Elungat, young person I have attended three events: Live your Dream Moment, Live your Dream moment and the Generation for Generation dialogue. I participated because I am passionate about women... Read more

29 September 2019

It is important to integrate reproductive health and innovation to reach the youth

Michael Kazoora, CEO and founder QuickTap solutions I picked interested in the Live Your Dream campaign, when I participated in the Live Your Dream Moment. I connected most with the two pillars Books... Read more