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A world of 8 billion people is a world of infinite possibilities. See what this milestone for humanity means for both people and the planet:



Through the Embassy of Japan in Uganda, UNFPA received funds to support implementation of a one-year project from April 2021 to March 2022. The project aims to avert human suffering and restore dignity among refugees and host communities in refugee hosting districts in Western and Northern Uganda. 


For the very first time, United Nations and the world are observing the International Day for People of African Descent on the 31st of August 2021. This International Day is an opportunity to recognize and honour the extraordinary contributions of people of African descent around the globe. People of African descent, particularly women and girls, confront inequalities, violence and discrimination every day – inequalities exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. We must work together to tear down the barriers that deny people of African descent their full economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights, says Executive Director UNFPA,  Dr. Natalia Kanem.


A 12 - minute documentary on some of UNFPA Uganda's Peacebuilding and Youth activities implemented through ACORD Uganda through the UN Secretary Generals Peace Building Fund (PSB).


There is no limit to what girls can do! This is the message that Zahara has for girls in Uganda and around the world. Take a minute to listen to this inspirational message and join Zahara and other adolescent girls as they shape the world they want to live in.


The evidence is clear: When girls are given the power to make an informed choice about marriage, they marry later. Laws are an important first step, but programmes are also needed to empower girls with information about their rights and educate parents about the benefits of keeping their daughters in school.


As more and more women, girls, men and boys learn about FGM and its harm, opposition to the practice is growing. In the last two decades, the proportion of girls and women in high-prevalence countries who want the practice to stop has doubled.

Somalia-born Ifrah Ahmed campaigns to end female genital mutilation. Here she describes her fight to end this injustice against women and girls.


Around the world, girls are subjected to child marriage, female genital mutilation and son preference. They are denied their equality and their humanity. We have the tools to end these harmful practices. We have seen solutions that work. What we need now are the investments. And the will.


I took it upon myself to champion the cause of #FGM. I used my position to ensure #FGM law was passed. Now, I would like to hear from heads of the African Union speak about the issue and commit to champion the cause, says Speaker of Uganda Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga. #ICPD25 #ICPDChangeHeroine #LiveYourDreamUG


One of the big shifts we celebrate is putting young women and girls at the forefront of the agenda in terms of ending child marriage, teenage pregnancy and increasing access to #familyplanning says Executive Director Reach a Hand Uganda  Humphrey Nabimanya #ICPDChangeHero #ICPD25 #LiveYourDreamUG