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Purpose of Consultancy

UNFPA Media & Communications Branch is seeking the services (through RO/CO focal points) of a professional videographer to assist the organisation in documenting the women identified to be featured in the UNFPA flagship publication, the State of World Population Report 2019. The purpose of this consultancy is to produce a high quality two- minute raw video of the women responding to specific questions. The Consultant will collect footage that will be cut and woven into a bigger video piece about the State of World Population Report 2019.


Scope of Work

  • To collect clips of the candidate.
  • The footage should show the woman at work, in her home, at the markets, in the street -- doing something.
  • Produce two minutes of raw video (with good audio, free of distracting ambient noise) of the woman responding to questions shared by UNFPA about their past, present or expectations of the future. This video will be cut and woven into a bigger video piece about the report and possibly about the history of UNFPA.
  • Video b-roll of the featured woman at home, at work, with family, in the market, etc., over which we may place audio of her voice from her interview.
  • Translations into English (but please do not add subtitles to the clips, unless the subtitles can be edited and we can choose the typeface afterward).
  • The videographer must obtain permission from subject. This can be written or recorded.

Conditions of Work

  • The Consultant will be required to travel to the location of the women being featured in the report.
  • UNFPA will cover travel-related costs to the location, such as road travel a daily subsistence allowance at UN rate (to cover housing, food and other daily expenses during the field mission).
  • The Consultant is expected to use his/her own camera and editing equipment.

Expected Deliverables

  • Two copies of DVDs of high quality footage (clear picture and sound without hissing) captured in HD format: Video 1080p or 720p with HD sound to be delivered at UNFPA Offices. The DVDs should be fully branded with UNFPA logo.
  • Ensure to include translations for all the speakers (not sub-titles) in English for footage where speakers are using local language.
  • Prepare a short report on the assignment of the video production, including all consent forms signed by individuals who have featured in the Interviews.

Qualification and Expertise

The successful candidate is required to meet the following criteria:

  • University degree or diploma in videography or related fields from a recognized institution.
  • Should possess at least 5 years of filming experience with a reputable media agency.
  • Strong theoretical and practical background in videography, including possession and ability to use the most current version of HD cameras, sound and lighting equipment, and most recent editing programmes.
  • Proven experience in filming and production for similar projects, including subject and light management, as well editing using the latest software.
  • Good understanding of new and evolving technologies and digital platforms. The Consultant should demonstrate a track record of having successfully undertaken similar projects (share links to samples of documentaries produced).
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently.
  • The Consultant should have the capacity and deliver within the specified timeframe.
  • Experience working with UN projects and initiatives will be an asset.

Duration of the Consultancy

The duration of the consultancy will be 4 days, including preparation, days of travel to the field, as well as editorial time. In consultation with the UNFPA Focal Point, the Consultant will generate a schedule specifying the implementation of the documentation and editorial process until delivery of the final product.


Terms and Conditions of Payment

The Videographer will be paid in a lump sum within 30 days after having satisfactorily completed the shoot and submitted content to UNFPA headquarters.


Other relevant information or special conditions:

  • All footage (when available) will be turned over to UNFPA.
  • The Consultant will insure that all participants have signed a consent form or provided verbal consent, recorded on a smart phone or video camera; no participant will be compensated for participation in the videos/photos. 
  • The Consultants agree to conduct themselves with beneficiaries according to UN ethical guidelines.

How to Apply:

  • Deadline for applications: Friday, January 25th 2019, 5 PM Kampala time.
  • Interested applicants should first register on the UNFPA Consultancy Roster and apply to the “job post” called UNFPA Consultant Roster. After registering on the Roster, Click ‘Apply Now’. In case you have applied for UNFPA eRecruitment Jobs before, directly click ‘Apply Now’.
  • After application, kindly send a confirmation email to
  • UNFPA reports – If the applicant has worked for UNFPA in the past, he/she may submit their most recent assessment, consultancy report or other document to illustrate his/work.  The document may be copy-pasted it into this space.  This space is limited so please take note of the sizes of the work.
  • UNFPA will only respond to those applicants in whom the Country Office has further interest.


  • UNFPA does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.
  • UNFPA is committed to maintain balanced gender distribution of the positions and therefore encourage women to apply.
  • There are NO application processing or other fees at any stage of UNFPA application processes.
  • To view the complete job description and apply to this position, click on the link below.