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Invitation of Proposals to Support Branding, Marketing and Communication for the Global Mobile Project

The global mobile project is a mobile solution targeting young people (YP) by providing culturally, socially and legally appropriate Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and linking the YP to clinics and services using a range of mobile tools including a mobile app (that works online and offline), Website/blog, Short Message Service (SMS), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

a)      Objective for the Global Mobile Project

·         To strengthen reproductive health information of adolescents, young people and their parents through mobile technologies.

·         To increase access of the adolescents and young people to the service delivery centers in Uganda.

·         To increase demand for family planning services in service delivery centers in Uganda.

b)     Components of the Global Mobile Project

The project is made up of five main components and teams that will work together to ensure successful delivery of the project objectives highlighted above.

       I.            Technology Component: Implementation and adoption of the different scalable ICT technologies to reach the target group. For 2016, the GMP team will focus on two technologies; the i). Mobile app and the ii). Interactive GMP Web Portal/Blog.   The alpha version of the i). is ready input from branding and marketing before moving to the beta testing.  Work on the web portal has not yet commenced. It is envisaged that Web Portal will be developed by the branding and marketing team in collaboration with the technology team.

    II.            Content Development: This team headed by the AY team at Ministry of Health has taken the lead on developing legal, age appropriate and culturally sensitive content for targeting the young people. A draft version of the content is ready and has gone through an initial pre-test with select young people for select feedback on key GMP content components and referral modes.

 III.            Service Provision: This is being taken up by the Ministry to ensure that the health services that AY are redirected to from the ICT platforms are available, accessible and meets the needs of the young people.  A mapping of the service providers (government and non-for profit health facilities, AYSRH telephone hotlines and SMS services etc) should be integrated on the web portal with the content developed in II above.

 IV.            Branding and Marketing: Given the target group for this intervention and their appeal for something stylish and unique, the GMP needs a rigorous and high quality branding and marketing partner. To ensure that the AY easily recognize and identify with the application/innovation and popularize the platform with their friends the content should be adapted to their specific needs. Further to this, the partner also needs to reword the approved content in II. Making it attractive with visuals and videos that AY can find interesting and relate to. This should also include innovative ways of attracting young people to the platform for example by using public figures, linking to other content of interest to youth or developing reward and incentive mechanisms etc.

    V.            Monitoring and Evaluation: As with every intervention there is a strong need for monitoring and evaluation for the intervention to make a case for value for money, impact and delivery on results to address the outputs spelt out in the country programme business plan. 

The bids shall reach UNFPA’s reception on Plot 12A Baskerville Avenue Kololo no later than 21st June 2016 at 3:00 pm Kampala Time. Bidders shall submit sealed bids in an envelope clearly marked with the assignment being applied for. Bids received after the stipulated date and time shall not be accepted under any circumstances. Bids delivered through courier and post later than the due date shall not be registered and shall be returned unopened.

Any clarifications relating to the attached documents shall be addressed in writing to email: