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A Demographic Dividend (DD) is a rise in economic growth due to a rise in the share of the working age in the population resulting from a substantial decline in the fertility of a country. From the available evidence, a favourable demographic profile for harnessing the DD is that where majority of the population are of the working age-group and fewer dependents, especially children. The changed age structure resulting from smaller low-fertility cohorts compared to the previous ones, will create a youth bulge that will eventually “splash” into the working age bracket to create the “economic miracle”. However, for this “miracle” to happen, there is need for targeted investments in this young population in terms of their health, education and skills. The Uganda Vision 2040 adopted harnessing the DD as a development strategy with a view that it will lead to a socioeconomic transformation that will support the emergence of a strong middle class. This Stakeholders’ Common Position on Harnessing the Demographic Dividend focuses on the five pillars for harnessing the DD to include the Need for a demographic transition, the need for enhanced investment in education, the need for enhanced investment for a healthy and productive human capital, the need for economic growth and employment creation; and the need for good governance and accountability.