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Uganda plans to harness a demographic dividend as a pathway to realization of Uganda Vision 2040 of achieving middle income status. The demographic dividend is characterized by economic growth, achieved by a population structure that has more working-age adults and fewer people to support, given that the right social and economic policies are in place. The increased productivity of a larger labour force, greater participation of women in income generation, due to reduced fertility, and the fewer child rearing responsibilities, greater household savings, and lower costs for basic social services would initiate the desired growth. The interventions that will guide the harnessing of the dividend are indicated in the National Development Plan III 2020/21-2024/25, which must be operationalized at sectoral and lower levels in terms of sector and local government development plans, budget framework papers (BFP), budget allocations, and budget executions. The Demographic Dividend Compliance tool is Government’s way of ensuring that the selected DD interventions are fully integrated into all government instruments and are actually implemented.