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It was on April 3rd 2021 when Anena Jackyline, a mother of two children from Ranch 3 went in to labour at around 8:00pm. She was expecting her 3rd child.  However, due to heavy down pour, the mother could not manage to find her way to Payadoli Health Center III which was 6 kms away to or Kiryandongo District Hospital 15 kms away because there was no means of transport at that time.

Anena’s husband managed to find his way to the VHTs home amidst the heavy rain to seek for the support to see away on how the wife can be taken to the health centre. Meanwhile, the mother was in serious labour pain and had started bleeding profusely. The VHT who luckily had the UNFPA/ACORD Ambulance emergency telephone number, decided to call UNFPA/ACORD ambulance since it has been supporting   them to respond to the emergencies in the community.

Ms Anena Jackyline back home with her baby. PHOTO: ACORD Uganda

It was noted that the heavy rain had made the road too bad, slippery and barely impassable.  It took the ambulance driver and the UNFPA/ACORD midwife two hours to reach the family home. On reaching the family, the mother was in great pain and bleeding helplessly. Since the ambulance usually well equipped with emergency drugs, the midwife connected her on normal saline drip to enable her reach Kiryandongo district hospital since she was already bleeding heavily and Panyadoli Health centre III could not handle her at that state. It took them another two and a half hours to reach to Kiryandongo hospital looking at the nature of the road and interruption from the heavy rain as narrated by the driver and the midwife.

On reaching hospital the mother was received by the midwives from Kiryandongo hospital, and on reaching the labour room she immediately gave birth normally to a beautiful health baby girl but also received blood transfusion without which she would have lost her life. The woman and the husband thanked ACORD/UNFPA for saving her and the child.


Compiled by Francis Engwau