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COVID-19 Response: UNFPA donates Dignity Kits to Vulnerable Women and Girls

KAMPALA, Uganda - In a struggle to make ends meet amidst the COVID-19 crisis, it is a tight bargain choosing between a meal for the day and a sanitary pad. Recognizing that hygiene supplies are part of the most critical needs for survival, the United Population Fund (UNFPA) donated Dignity Kits to vulnerable women and girls in Kampala.

The UNFPA Representative, Mr. Alain Sibenaler handed over 4,000 Dignity Kits worth USD 55,926 (approximately UGX 210 million) to Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut, Minister of State for General Duties, also Head of the COVID-19 Response Fund in Uganda, at a ceremony held at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala on Friday 22nd May.

At the ceremony, Mr. Sibenaler commended the Government of Uganda’s COVID-19 response efforts that included distribution of food to vulnerable households in Kampala. UNFPA contributed towards this effort to strengthen resilience of the vulnerable populations, particularly the women and girls in Kampala, through the provision of non-food items critical to their survival, especially in terms infection prevention and menstrual hygiene.

“Menstrual health and hygiene is central to advancing adolescents’ and women’s health, empowerment, as well as sexual reproductive health and rights,” said Mr. Sibenaler at the handover ceremony.

Each Dignity Kit includes a bucket, soap, menstrual pads, and a can of hand sanitizer that are essential for a woman’s hygiene and reproductive health.

“It is indeed about the dignity of women and girls,” said Hon. Karooro, on receiving the Dignity Kits.

The target is to reach women and girls in 4,000 households in Kampala, as will be identified by the Government.

Mr. Sibenaler also informed the Minister of UNFPA’s support of fuel vouchers worth USD 17,835 (UGX 67.6 million) to 14 districts in the Northern and West Nile regions of Uganda for ambulances to transport mothers to health facilities so they can deliver safely, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “Thank you UN for the solidarity, thank you for thinking about the most vulnerable in these hard times. Together, we shall defeat COVID-19,” Hon. Karooro added.

-              Compiled by Prossy Jonker Nakanjako