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Following the UN declaration on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in 2014, there has been massive investment and programs on MHM in Uganda at various fronts and levels. 

Since 2014, the momentum has been increasing with a number of development partners, organizations, individuals and civil society organizations working on MHM initiatives. The leadership of the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda has been pivotal in the successes that have been realized in the past 5 years. Due to the growing and strong network of dedicated partners on Menstrual Health Management, there is an urgent need to develop the National MHM Guidelines to provide a set of standards for MHM related interventions for stakeholders. It is against this background that the Ministry of Education and Sports, with financial and technical support from UNFPA seeks to recruit two consultants to develop National MHM Guidelines.

The purpose of the consultancy is to develop Comprehensive National Menstrual Health Management Guidelines with the aim of providing programmatic guidance and compliance with national, regional and global MHM standards/guidelines. The guidelines will be used by education and sports stakeholders in programming for menstrual health in schools and institutions in Uganda.