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UNFPA Uganda started its ninth Country Programme (CPD) in 2021. Despite COVID19 disrupting the initial plans for a smooth transition from one CPD to the next, Uganda CO assured strong delivery of UNFPA’s mandate and activities (leveraging additional resources and emphasizing communication, innovation while managing significant HR turnover) and elaborating a good new CPD 2021 - 2025.

The strategic shift and the changes in the Uganda Country office over the last years have been massive. In a recent roundtable discussion with donors on the ninth CPD, concerns were raised by current donors (NL, SWE, DK and UK) and other partners such as the EU and the US over the Uganda country office staff’s capacity to deliver a very ambitious and largely co-funded CPD.


To deliver on these transformative results, the office requires highly competent, vibrant and motivated technical and operational staff collaborating and working together as one strong team