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Globally, and especially in developing countries, the COVID-19 pandemic and associated response has had significant effect on the accessibility and availability of SRHR/GBV services, and indirectly caused morbidity, mortality and other negative SRHR/GBV consequences. These fundamental challenges require UNFPA to make more deliberate efforts to adapt to the changing context in which SRHR is delivered, to help thousands of Uganda’s women, girls and young people realize their dreams and full potential during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNFPA-Uganda is continuing to deliver rights-based services in all corners of the country, regardless of location and situation - in an increased number of fora and platforms. As we have been adjusting to the ‘’new normal” in Uganda, we have ensured the continuous delivery of SRHR/GBV services while trying to stay relevant and strategic at the policy level.

The COVID-19 situation also brought out UNFPA’s three global goals with unprecedented prominence. It has been an opportunity to sustain 2019's global momentum to deliver rights-based services in Uganda, and an opportunity to renew our triple leadership acumen at the service of all Ugandans: 

1. Communicating and partnering for social change.

2. Supporting policy and decision makers to lead differently.

3. Innovating and adapting (to continue) to deliver rights-based services. 

UNFPA Uganda has therefore, released issue two of ‘’Right(s) here: Delivering SRHR under COVID-19’’ the web based, multimedia chapter that showcases our collective leadership in times of crisis by telling stories, inspiring and having conversations on and around the three above mentioned areas. Read more here: