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UNFPA staff appointed on technical advisory group for Performance Monitoring for Action

Roselline Achola, Programme Analyst (Family Planning) at UNFPA Uganda was appointed to the technical advisory group of the Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA), Uganda chapter. The PMA gathers high quality data on family planning that is used locally to help decision makers understand what is working, and what is not, to enable decisions that are more sensitive and responsive to evolving needs in family planning programming. The Technical Advisory Group for PMA - Uganda is constituted of strategically selected stakeholders from the Family Planning fraternity that include Government of Uganda (National Population Council (NPC) and Ministry of Health), Development partners (UNFPA and DFID) and the Academia. The individual selected members are: Dr. Olaro Charles and Dr. Makanga Livingstone – Ministry of Health, Dr. Jotham Musinguzi - NPC, Dr. Ritah Nakigudde–DFID, Roselline Achola - UNFPA, Prof. Makumbi Freddrick, Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze and Dr. Simon Peter Kibira – Makerere University and Pascal Olinga of Jhpiego.

The Technical Advisory Group for PMA will guide interventions for data revolution for family planning programmes at country level. The group is intended to build capacity of country partners, use innovations to collect, analyse data and disseminate to inform health policy and programming that better meets the needs of women and their families. The process will be kick started by a global meeting in Brussels that will convene Technical Advisory Groups from all member countries to share experiences across all PMA projects. The meeting will take place from 16-20 March 2020 and is funded by The Gates Foundation.