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Over 22 percent of young Ugandans are involved in risky sexual behaviour – BMC Report

Despite high general knowledge and the perceived risk of pregnancy and HIV, risky sexual behaviour among young Ugandans remains high – a report published by the BioMed Central (BMC) journal shows. A total of 22.7 percent of respondents (age 15-24) reported having been involved in risky sexual behaviour. With a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevalence of 2.1 percent among 15–24 year olds, the report explains that risky sexual behaviour includes, among others, being involved in sexual relations under the influence of alcohol or drugs, engaging in sexual activities without a condom, and having multiple sexual partners.

The report recommends addressing the effectiveness gaps in the integrated SRH/HIV response for young people. It underscores the importance of targeted interventions focused on holistic prevention at individual level through information, risk awareness, and skills development, combined with interventions targeting social structures affecting individual behaviour. Go here to read more about the analysis entitled: The knowledge-risk-behaviour continuum among young Ugandans: what it tells us about SRH/HIV integration.’