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Fiona Rukwanzi,  co-founder Mwigo Holdings Limited

My dream has always been to be my own boss.  After being in formal employment for a while I decided to start my own company (Mwigo Holdings, makes Nyunya pro-biotic yoghurt) because I am passionate about value addition. UNFPA’s mandate of working with women is exciting for me as a woman: I am happy that the organization is encouraging us women to add value to our lives and be empowered.

 Participating in UNFPA’s Live Your Dream Moment was exciting for me because of my passion for young people. Talking to young people and inspiring them with my story is a special thing because at the end of the day it is us the young people who can inspire our peers.  The Live Your Dream Moment event was also beneficial for my business:  Many people followed my business page and asked to know more about my product.  My vision is to create more employment opportunities for fellow young people while also promoting healthy living. My advice for young people is they need to need to look beyond formal employment and   learn new skills to enable them venture into unique businesses.