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 Joan Kabarungi, student

 I have attended the Learn from UNFPA session on marketing and the Generation for Generation dialogue. I was motivated to attend UNFPA events because I like the fact that the organization works on issues affecting young girls and women.  I like the fact that UNFPA gives young people a chance to sit in the same room with people we regard as big icons or celebrities. Most times you find that young people have their own meetings and then the older people too have their own but being able to combine the youth and the elders is amazing. The sharing of knowledge from different categories of people is great. The story that has inspired me the most is of Nataliey Bitature (panelist at Generation for Generation dialogue). I was inspired by the fact that in spite of her family background, she was still able to work hard and achieve a lot on her own. One can see that she does not depend on her parents and is running her own company, Musana Carts which provides jobs for other young people. I was also inspired by Ricky Rapa Thompson the co-founder of SafeBoda. Coming from a very humble background he did not let this get in the way of him starting up a successful company. I feel valued and empowered by being part of events organized by reputable organizations like UNFPA.  I feel like I am part of a movement to support the girl child. I suggest that in future UNFPA should consider taking the events to other regions beyond Kampala.