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Abdulkarim Kazibwe, young person

I attended the Live Your Dream moment when one of my favourite artistes, George William Kigozi, (Geo Steady) was on the panel. I was touched and inspired by Geo Steady’s life story and his advice on not giving up in life, sticking to what one does best, and doing it in the best way possible. I am working hard to achieve my dreams. Much as I have not yet achieved any significant changes in my life, I have a zeal and positive attitude to life.  Participating in the Moment made me realise that even accomplished artistes like Geo Steady have their struggles. I didn’t know how much hard work and determination it took him to get to where he is now. I am grateful to UNFPA for organizing such sessions because sometimes it is such inspiration that young people need especially at the point where they are about to give up. 

This story is part of the Live your dream initiative, see information on the campaign here.