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Vincent Lubega, peer educator 

I have attended both the Generation for Generation dialogue and Live Your Dream moment. As a peer educator who deals with young people I’m always seeking solutions for the problems that these young people face. I was motivated to attend the G4G dialogue because I wanted advice from older people on how to survive in this current generation.  Young people need to be informed and educated in order to realize and fulfill their potential and also to inspire others. I have since started an initiative called Dream Uganda, through which I provide support to children to get an education under a project called “Help Me Study”. Children are the youth of tomorrow and we cannot talk of empowering youth when we have uneducated children. These talks and dialogues from UNFPA empowered me and now I can stand out and inspire fellow young people.

I feel that more young people should attend these events including high school students as this would go a long way in inspiring young people to dream big and stay safe before they get out of school and face the real world. 

This story is part of the Live your dream initiative, see information on the campaign here.