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Pius Elungat, young person

I have attended three events: Live your Dream Moment, Live your Dream moment and the Generation for Generation dialogue. I participated because I am passionate about women empowerment and I wanted to learn more about UNFPA. 

The Generation for Generation dialogue was the most inspiring for me simply because this (women empowerment) is a subject that I find very touching. I was inspired by seeing practical examples of women who have learnt skills through vocational training to do the same jobs as men or even better. The fact that there are women out there who have made it in life in spite of the challenges they face is equally inspiring. In my view, we do not need to fix women but have to reassure them that they can fix themselves and that is exactly what UNFPA is doing. I have been encouraged to keep being a male champion for women just like the police officer who said he ‘walked a mile in her shoes’ and other men standing up for women’s rights. The panelist who inspired me the most is Nataliey Bitature; she has been able to figure her way out and show the men that she can do what a man can do. There is a need for this approach (dialogue and storytelling) to be conducted in rural areas.