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Since December 2012, UNFPA has been supporting a national multimedia campaign dubbed ‘If it is not on, it is not safe' aiming to get more Ugandans to use condoms. A special focus is put on female condoms which are not widely used in Uganda.

The success of the campaign lies in its high visibility through repetition using print, TV, radio and interpersonal communication. The ads are also fun to watch, accessible and direct. 

There is a nearly national knowledge about condoms among adult Ugandans; however, according to the 2011 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, this knowledge is not translated into use as only 2.7% report using condoms on a regular basis. To increase condom use is an important goal for UNFPA and the Government of Uganda, as condoms are the only contraceptive offering dual protection against unintended pregnancy and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), including HIV.

"As far as results are concerned, it is still too early to determine the campaign's impact on condom use in Uganda, " states Ane-Kirstine Bagger, UNFPA Programme Analyst HIV/AIDS . "However, preliminary feedback indicates that the campaign is generating a lot of debate around condom use," she adds. Moreover, the campaign has drawn the attention of other development partners: In January 2014 USAID, who was attracted by the positivity and straightforwardness of the campaign, decided to join donor DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency) and support the campaign. Their support opens possibilities to reach an even wider audience.

Women and men discussing condom use: A couple of scenes from the TV advertisements for female and male condoms.

For the link to the TV advertisements on Youtube by UHMG:

Click here for the TV ad on male condoms

Click here for the TV ad on female condoms