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GetIN Mobile App improves maternal health in Bundibugyo District

GetIN Mobile, a digital mapping tool used by health and community workers to map and follow- up young pregnant girls to ensure they deliver safely at health facilities was introduced in Bundibugyo district in August, 2018. Since, there has been a notable improvement in the number of pregnant women and girls seeking skilled health care at delivery.

GetIN’s introduction and implementation in Bundibugyo district was to see more girls attend all the recommended four ANC services to ensure more safe deliveries at health facilities and improve maternal health. Two months after the launch, trained midwives and Village Health Teams (VHTs) mapped more than 400 pregnant girls into the system. Today, over 770 mapped girls all followed up to ensure that they attend all the four recommended Antenatal Care (ANC) visits and give birth in health facilities.

Nansubuga Irene, a midwife at Busaru Health Center IV says before GetIN Mobile was rolled out, only four to five girls were attending ANC daily. The number has seen risen to fourteen with more girls turning up especially in their first trimester.

“With GetIN Mobile, we have successfully called and/or followed up a number of girls to come for ANC,” she says.

Bundibudyo’s District Health Officer Dr. Christopher notes with concern the high teenage pregnancy rates (25 percent) and applauds GetIN Mobile approach that uses technology for better health outcomes.

“The contribution of GetIN Mobile in terms of access to maternal health services is evident. (For instance) at Kisubba HCIII, there has been an increase in ANC by pregnant girls following sensitization by VHTs,” says Mr. Siliwano Muhumuza the District Population Officer.  

He cited a notable increase in the number of pregnant women seeking for maternal health services Busaru HCIV, Butama HCIII, Burondo HCII and Bubukwanga HCIII. He said some of the mapped girls have also started delivering at the different health facilities with postnatal care given to them accordingly.

- Written by Hope Kirabo