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Live your dream


The Live Your Dream Campaign is meant to inspire action towards a better life for young people and women and promote the well-being of the entire family. The campaign consists of four pillars: Let Girls Be Girls; Books Before Babies; With You(th); and Generation for Generation. They all connect to one Global outcome of UNFPA’s Mandate in Uganda - End unmet need for family planning; End preventable maternal deaths and; End gender-based violence and harmful practices.

Live Your Dream: The story

Live your dream by letting girls be girls: Addressing gender-based violence, family planning and teenage pregnancy:

Live your dream by choosing books before babies: Empowering girls by ensuring universal access to primary and secondary school education, as well as providing age appropriate sexual and reproductive health information


Live your dream –With You(th): Unleashing young people’s potential by supporting their innovative ideas on social entrepreneurship, education, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance

Live your dream by bringing generations together (G4G): Providing space for young people and elders to conduct inter-generational dialogues to reflect their voices into policies for Uganda’s socio-economic development

See more of our exciting Live Your Dream materials below: including a fascinating radio drama series and a song by some of Uganda’s top artistes who came together to rally the public to stand up to child marriage.

Singing for change: Baleke song on ending child marriage

Click on the sound cloud link below to tune in to the Live Your Dream radio drama series as well as  more radio spots in Luganda, Ateso Luo and Karimojong!