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On International Women's Day (IWD), women around the world join together in celebration of the intelligence, strength, courage and beauty of women. Since the early 1900’s, this has been a day to recognize women from all walks of life without regard to their national, ethnic, cultural or political differences and to celebrate their achievements around the world. This year, 2011 will be the centennial celebration of International Women’s Day and it is important to mark both the great strides achieved by society towards equality but also remember the huge needs and tremendous work still needed to reach true equality.

The Call

UNFPA and American Refugee Committee (ARC) issues this call for proposals to well-recognized women’s organizations, human rights organizations, CBOs and NGOs organize national and district level events to commemorate IWD that will inspire women, recognize their achievement and increase awareness on remaining gender equality and women’s empowerment challenges for the women of Uganda. The day will also be a platform to advocate for change on key issues arising out of either the international or national theme. There can be a whole range of big and small activities, at national, district and parish level.

The international Women’s Day celebration international theme for 2011 is “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women.” A proposed national theme for Uganda is “Act Now: Promote Maternal Health.” Organizations are free to consider the international theme or the national theme.

Proposals should be a maximum of 5 pages including a background of the organization, description of the activities planned, coverage area, timeframes, outputs and detailed budget. A maximum budget of USD 20,000 will be considered. Proposals that contribute towards sustaining activities will be favorably considered.

Organisations responding to this call will:

  • Participate in national and district level discussions and planning for IWD celebrations

  • Work with relevant national and district level working groups to coordinate celebrations and activities for IWD

  • Engage mass media during the campaign period to promote women’s rights and equality and to celebrate achievements. Stories of real challenges and victories faced by the Ugandan women will be highlighted. Success media engagements shall be documented through audio visual or manuscripts for post event advocacy and awareness raising.

  • Organize actions to commemorate the day, including but not limited to reflection meetings, marches, conferences, government activities and networking events, crafts markets, theatre and musical productions, parades and many more.

  • Use well-recognised symbols in the communication materials, including, but not limited to the IWD logo, as well as visuals that portray the dignity, strength and courage of people shown. Key

Key Deliverables 

A narrative report and audio visual products like documentaries, videos, audio recordings outlining activities implemented and a full financial report will be submitted by March 21, 2011. The format for the narrative and financial report will be shared with the grantees/ awardees.

Application Process 

Please submit proposals to American Refugee Committee by email at with subject heading: Proposal for International Women’s Day 2011. There will be multiple small awards given. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, February 24, 2011, 5:00PM.