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The Situation: The humanitarian crises in northern Uganda has degenerated the health sector over the last 20 years. This has had an adverse effect on the reproductive health status of women, men and youth in the region. At 31%, delivery care from a skilled birth attendant in northern Uganda is the lowest in the country. In addition, postpartum care from a health professional is at 14% thus putting women into the high risk category.

There are complications of pregnancy and childbirth which are the leading causes of death for displaced women in northern Uganda. Sexual violence is rampant, and a sexually transmitted infection among the displaced population in northern Uganda is high.

What We Do: Working with the World Health Organisation, World Food Programme, CARE International - Uganda,  UNFPA provides Reproductive Health services to nine districts of northern Uganda through training of health staff on Reproductive Health centres, equipping all health centres at Sub-county and County levels, and hospitals with basic emergency obstetric care equipment,  as well as providing ambulances to improve rural communities' access to health centres and community networks for Family Planning services.